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The 1st Opera Company in Morocco, L'OPERA ROYAL DU MAROC opens on November 30th

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The 1st Opera Company in Morocco, L'OPERA ROYAL DU MAROC (The Royal Opera of Morocco), announces its 1st Historic Opening Gala on November 30, 2022, in Casablanca.

French-Moroccan opera singer, director, and producer David Serero created the first opera company in Morocco, named Opera Royal du Maroc (Royal Opera of Morocco). The 1st historical concert Gala will be held on November 30, 2022, at the Studio des Arts Vivants in Casablanca, with the participation of Moroccan opera singers.

The Royal Opera of Morocco's mission is to develop and promote Opera within the Kingdom of Morocco, to ensure the training of future Moroccan lyrical singers, and to create operatic works in Moroccan’s own language: Darija.

A "Troupe" of the Royal Opera of Morocco will be created and composed of Moroccan lyrical artists under the artistic direction of David Serero.

A season of Operas will soon be announced, combining the major works of the lyrical repertoire in the original language (French or Italian), some adapted in Darija in a Moroccan staging and production, and the creation of original works in Darija by Moroccan composers commissioned for the Royal Opera of Morocco.

"Morocco will have its place in the world of Opera!" David Serero

This opening concert will include internationally renowned Moroccan and Moroccan origins, including Victor Dahhani, Ahlima Mhamdi, Audelia Zagury, and David Serero. The choir, composed of students from the Studio des Arts Vivants, will perform with the soloists. David Serero adds: "There will be Moroccan surprises. I want to show the same strict performance discipline of western opera houses while adding our Moroccan identity. I care about the accessibility of ticket prices: 150 DHS (circa $10) for the balcony and 250 DHS (circa $25) for the orchestra seats. I will convince Moroccans one by one to take them to the Opera. I will start in the schools and even go to the streets".

For the record, the Franco-Moroccan, who at the age of 41 can boast of an exceptionally professional and artistic career, has once again distinguished himself, winning numerous prizes for his artistic achievements, particularly in New York. He has won several "BroadwayWorld Awards," including the awards for being the best performer of the decade, the best producer of a musical, and a play. The Mayor of New York paid tribute to David Serero by granting him an Award of Recognition for his contributions as an artist and producer, having actively participated in the dynamism of the city's cultural landscape. The French-Moroccan does not stop in his generosity towards Morocco. He donated part of his collection of Moroccan Judaica Art to the Museum of Judaism and built a Music Library in Casablanca's Conservatory.

On the official website, we can read the declaration of David Serero on the creation of the Opera Royal du Maroc:

"There are operas in practically every language, and I wish to ensure that there are also Opera works in Darija (Moroccan dialect). I am currently working on an adaptation of the opera' 'Carmen" in Darija and plan to create 100% Moroccan works inspired by the history and rich culture of the Kingdom.

Rest assured that I would bring the exact strict requirement of work, seriousness, presentation, and execution of this Opera Company in Morocco, as it is in Europe or New York. Moroccans deserve the best, and I have more in store for them!

I work in partnership with the Casablanca Conservatory to train lyrical singers in future opera classes and put in the necessary scores. These prospective singers will be able to integrate future ORM productions.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Bless Him, has always placed the promotion of culture at the heart of the Kingdom's priorities. The Royal Opera of Morocco perfectly represents this cultural renaissance, in tune with our times, desired by our Very Dear Sovereign. I am and will remain in the eternal service of His Majesty Mohamed VI, May God Bless Him.

I dream that anyone can come to Morocco not only to live an extraordinary human and tourist experience, as is already the case but also to see a high-quality Opera. To discover an inspiring and unique show that will introduce the audience to the true meanings of the words generosity and sharing, which are the symbols of Morocco.”

David Serero

Royal Opera of Morocco

Founder / Artistic Director / Producer

Media Contact:

The Culture News


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