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The documentary on the creation of the Royal Opera of Morocco by David Serero is available on YouTube and other platforms

The world of culture is about to discover the long-awaited report on the creation of the Royal Opera of Morocco by the French-Moroccan opera singer David Serero.

Through captivating narration and stunning imagery, David Serero takes us on a fascinating journey through the challenges, triumphs, and intimate moments that marked this artistic adventure.

Here is the trailer:

The documentary explores the various stages of the creation of the Royal Opera of Morocco, from the initial conceptual discussions to the final realization. Viewers will be able to meet the artists, musicians, and everyone who contributed to this monumental project. David Serero, with his unique artistic sensitivity, highlights local talents and the influence of Moroccan culture in this spectacular production.

"David Serero, a visionary," is renowned for his ability to capture the essence of artistic works and present them in an authentic and innovative manner. With a prolific career spanning several decades, Serero has established himself as a significant figure in opera, theater, and film. This groundbreaking documentary is no exception and promises to be an actual work of art. Available on YouTube and multiple platforms, including Amazon Prime Video. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive into the heart of the creation of the Royal Opera of Morocco and celebrate the richness of Moroccan culture through the eyes of a renowned enthusiast who aims to bring opera to Morocco and Morocco into opera.

Link to the full documentary:

About the Royal Opera of Morocco:

The mission of the Royal Opera of Morocco is to develop and promote the art of opera within the Kingdom of Morocco, ensuring the training of future Moroccan opera singers who will perform the greatest opera works. It also aims to create operatic works in the rich Moroccan dialect known as Darija. A troupe of the Royal Opera of Morocco will be formed, composed of Moroccan opera artists under the artistic direction of David Serero.

An opera season will be composed of significant works from the lyrical repertoire in their original language (French or Italian), some adapted into Darija and with Moroccan staging and production, and the creation of original works in Darija by Moroccan composers commissioned for the Royal Opera of Morocco. There will be tours by Moroccan singers to promote Moroccan culture and partnerships with other opera houses worldwide. The Royal Opera of Morocco has received support from the Moroccan Ministry of Culture. The historic opening gala in Casablanca in 2022 had a global impact.

The next day, the MAP (Moroccan Press Agency) wrote: "Casablanca vibrated to the rhythm of the Royal Opera of Morocco." A camera followed David Serero for ten days before the opening gala, and this footage is available on YouTube and 

The Royal Opera of Morocco's next performances are scheduled for November 2024, and the premiere of the first opera in Darija on La Marche Verte is planned for early 2025 (the first excerpts are shown in the documentary).

"Morocco will have its place in the opera world!" - David Serero.


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